Gunsmith shop wins Twin Lakes Village Board OK

A proposal to operate a gunsmith shop at 475 Lincoln Drive, unit 106, Twin Lakes received the approval of the Twin Lakes Village Board Monday night.

The shop’s owner, Jim Hodges, is seeking permission to sell classic, “high-end” and competition/match grade weapons and accessories, as well as repair and customize similar firearms.

The approval was contingent on a number of conditions, which Hodges did not object to.

“It all seems reasonable to me,” Hodges said.

The gun conditions are:

  • Strict adherence to ATF, State and Local Requirements.
  • All weapons will be locked when on the premises.
  • Proper storage of ammunition.
  • Storage of weapons in a proper safe secured to the concrete floor when business closed.
  • Full security system with remote monitoring.
  • No on-site discharge of weapons/no firing range.
  • Signage limited to existing group sign and identifier on the specific space.
  • Knox Box on outside of building.
  • Addition of dead bolt lock to the front door.
  • Disable and lock the garage door access.
  • Install cement bollards or vehicle blocks.
  • Include motion sensors and cameras in the security system.
  • Access door opened by interior remote only. Locked at all times.
  • Require that no loaded weapons be in the store.
  • Police review and approval of security system and measures prior to stocking and opening.

The motion to approve the business as a quasi-permitted use at the location passed unanimously.



  1. Outdoorsman says:

    I am ok with all requirements listed above accept one…

    “Require that no loaded weapons be in the store.”

    I would be ok with it if it was a personal choice by Mr. Hodges.

    For a municipality to mandate or “Require that no loaded weapons be in the store.” is basically local government infringing on our constitutional and legal right to “Open Carry” in Wisconsin. Basically, “Open Carry” is the Constitutional and Legal right for a Wisconsin citizen (that meets certain requirements) to be able to leagally carry a loaded pistol on their person and long as it is not concealed (in a holster and carried on the hip in plain view).

    I understand Mr. Hodges nessesity to agree to this stipulation in order to open his business, but given a choice, I am cururious as to what his personal decision would be on tis matter.


  2. Outdoorsman says:

    For confirmation of the info in my comment pease check out


  3. Browning says:

    I agree with “Outdoorsman” I am surprised that the village board would not encourage Hodges to be armed while on site. While Twin Lakes is a low crime area, an armed (Open carry) knowledgeable store owner sends an appropriate message.

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