Will there be two libraries in Twin Lakes?

Even if Twin Lakes exits from the Community Library system, current plans call for the Community Library to continue to have a branch in Twin Lakes, Marlene Goodson, Paddock Lake village president and Community Library board member revealed Monday.

The statement was made at a Paddock Lake Village Board meeting Wednesday.

The Twin Lakes Village Board has been considering leaving the five-municipality Community Library system since late last year, but has not made a final decision. If the village left, it would establish a village library. All municipalities in Wisconsin are required to pay toward a local library or a county library system.

Current Community Library Board member municipalities are: Paddock Lake, Salem, Twin Lakes, Silver Lake and Randall.

Even if the Twin Lakes Village Board does decide to pull out, the Community Library plans to continue to have a presence in Twin Lakes, Goodson said Wednesday. In fact, the library board is continuing to work with the building’s owner in making an expansion and renovation of the library space, which is being done at the building owner’s cost.

“We’re not going to pull out of the library building — we have a lease,” Goodson said. The board has at least three more years on that lease, she said.

The building’s owner “can’t lease it out to Twin Lakes when the Community Library holds the lease,” Goodson said.

Without Twin Lakes in the joint system, the building in Twin Lakes would likely be used to serve Randall residents and maybe others — such as Silver Lake residents, Goodson said.

“There’s no place in Randall to put a branch,: Goodson said.

Twin Lakes’ representatives to the Community Library did not attend the most recent Facilities Committee meeting, Goodson said.


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