Wirch back in state

State Sen. Bob Wirch, center, acknowledges the crowd at a rally in Madison Saturday. /Photo by Earlene Frederick

State Sen. Bob Wirch, gone from the state for about three weeks regarding a showdown over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill, is back in the state.

Wirch and the other 13 Democratic state senators who left to deny a quorum for a vote on the bill were the guests of honor at a rally on the grounds of the state capitol Saturday.

A version of the budget repair bill, focused on reducing public employees’ collective bargaining rights, passed the Assembly and eventually the Senate this week and has been signed into law by Walker. However, legislative opponents claim the process violated state law and they are challenging its legality.

On Sunday, word has it that Wirch was right back doing his customary visiting of various community events.

Wirch’s district includes all of Kenosha County except Wheatland.



  1. Recall Wirch says:

    The coward is back, now it’s time to recall him! Bye bye Bob, hope it was worth it!

  2. Bob says:

    Maybe Bob Wirch and the Chicago 14 can now revive Wisconsin’s claim to undo the land grab, when Illinois stole that part of its territory.

    When it first became a State in 1848, Wisconsin claimed land to the tip of Lake Michigan.

    Wisconsin’s claim would undo the land grab made by Illinois for Chicago in 1815 proposed by Capt. Leonard White, a man from southern Illinois.

    Otherwise, what was he doing all this time getting paid for hanging out in Chicago?

  3. dj says:

    OMG. The picture looks like a prayer vigil. Is he trying to make it look like he is on the right side of God, or what? I thought this type of fanatacism was limited to the middle east.

    Reality to Bob. Reality to Bob. Come in. Over.

    You know, maybe Bob was in the right place in Chicago. The old version of Encylopedia Brittanica opened the article on Chicago by saying that politics is largely an expensive form of public entertainment. That sure does ring true in Wisconsin now.

    Bob needs to take a lesson from history. Unions were once the means to gather individuals together into a GROUP to increase their bargaining power for the betterment of society. Now, unions are just a band of individuals who are out for their own betterment at the expense of society. Unions are out for the betterment of unions, not even the membership.

    I dealt with Bob before. We laid out some funding formulas that were not in dispute. We did the math. Bob said that our results were not right. He agreed with the formula, he agreed with the numbers being put in, he disagreed with the result. How can you change the laws of math? Maybe he is living in a star trek alternate universe. He needs to retire. He just doesn’t get it.

  4. Yes Recall Wirch says:

    Hopefully, Illinois will look for their share income tax from the income the fleebaggers generated while residing and working in IL. on behalf of the Wisconsin taxpayers.

    The 14 fleebaggers have no idea what democracy means.

  5. Let's pray Wirch gets Recalled says:

    Boo Boo we don’t want him back… Let’s pray he goes away far away.

  6. Thank you Bob says:

    I fully support Bob and welcome him back to the state. He did what was needed and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Looking forward to signing the recall for Walker!

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