Girl Scout Troop 7212 working on being green project

Note: Randall Girl Scout Troop 7212 have developed some informative articles about improving the environment for their Bronze Award. We are going to publish them over the next few days and may have some more in the future.  First off is an introductory piece about the project. — DH

We are working to earn our Bronze Award and we chose to focus on “being green”. We have spent our year working on projects and badges that focus on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Melissa from Caravelle Lighting in Richmond, IL came to our meeting to talk to us about lightbulbs. She brought samples of the different lightbulbs on the market and explained which lightbulbs use the most energy. We learned that the LED lightbulbs use the least amount of energy.

We have decorated a tree at Trees on Parade in Twin Lakes, a local event to decorate trees and a craft event the first weekend in December. Our theme this year was “EverGreen”. We made all of the ornaments out of reused or recycled materials. We were very proud of our tree this year!

We will be having a collection event this spring in Twin Lakes where we will be collecting the items that can no longer be put into your garbage cans such as computers, TV’s and other electronic items. We will be taking these items to a recycle center that specialized in the destruction and recycling of these items. Please watch for our posters to announce the date and time of the collection.

One of the requirements for the Bronze Award and a Badge was to write a newsletter of what we discuss on helping to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We have come up with suggestions for each of the categories and this will be a 3 part report of how we can all help to make our planet “GREEN”.

We would like to thank West of the I for working with us to help get the word out about our project and we hope you find our suggestions useful for your own lives.


Samantha, Rachel, Danielle, Alex, Ashley, Ashley, Desrye and Amy

Girl Scout Troop 7212


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