Regional Water Supply Plan Study Released

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Warning that future water shortages could lead to conflicts among neighboring communities, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission recently completed phase three in developing a strategy for sharing water resources in the future.

According to the report, which was discussed at a Twin lakes Committee of the whole meeting Monday, the regional water supply plan includes recommendations concerning:

  • Sources of Water Supply
  • Water Conservation
  • Groundwater Recharge Area Protection
  • Stormwater management practices
  • High Capacity well siting practices
  • Enhanced rainfall infiltration

In addition, the plan includes a series of auxiliary recommendations. These recommendations, taken together are intended to serve as the basis for the provision of a long-term, sustainable water supply for the Southeastern Wisconsin Region.

The 2035 design year plan would incorporate municipalities and counties to adopt the plan and work toward eventual implementation. The long-term plan for Twin Lakes would include three wells to meet the growing need for water.

SEWRPC actively advises and works with the DNR, counties, and municipalities-the goal is to move toward regional planning to get member municipalities and counties to adopt a plan and work towards eventual implementation, incorporating into their own planning and infrastructure.

Village Administrator Dave Cox suggested a future forum with officials from SEWRPC to present and describe the plan for the Board and residents.

“These decisions are local and driven by need,” said Cox. “Some folks have skepticism about what is in the document and it might be worthwhile to hear the presentation.”

Information on the forum will be available to the public as soon as it is scheduled.




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