Kerkman co-sponsor of bill that could send KRM to end of the line

Photo by Eiji Miura via stock.xchng

A Senate bill introduced last week to kill the Southeastern Regional Transit Authoritywould also likely take the KRM commuter rail line from Kenosha to Milwaukee with it, the Journal Times is reporting.

State Rep. Samantha Kerkman, who district includes most of Western Kenosha County, is a co-sponsor of the Assembly version of the Senate bill.


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  1. Bob says:

    In my opinion, the problem is not the trains — the problem is with an appointed board that has taxing authority.

    The bill should be broadened to eliminate any appointed board that has taxing authority — only elected boards would have taxing authority. I think that is the a real long-term solution.

    The fact that Metra in Chicago has doubled the track as far as Antioch speaks to the fact that trains traveling as far north as Oconomowoc in the North Central, Walworth in the West, and Milwaukee/Green Bay in the North will likely find ridership, especially among college students, and among senior citizens who find the driving in this area increasingly difficult — more and more, they are simply moving away, and taking their retirement incomes with them.

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