Roundabout proposed for Highways C and MB intersection

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A proposed reworking of the intersection of county Highways MB and C in Bristol includes a roundabout, the county executive’s office said in a meeting announcement today.

A public information meeting on this project will be held on Thursday, March 3, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Hearing Room at the Kenosha County Center located at 19600 75th St. (Highways 50 and 45), Bristol. The informational meeting will include a brief presentation of the project and time for questions and comments from the public.

The announcement of the meeting said the project will “involve the realignment of the intersection approaches, construction of a roundabout and extensive drainage improvements.”



  1. v says:

    New Jersey is pulling OUT all their roundabouts.
    Maybe because they COST TOO MUCH, encroach on private property for pittance and are in direct opposition to less impermeable surface!@!@#

    Look at the intersection… Which homeowner stands to loose a fraction of his property? Will the state purchase his FULL property? doubt it. will they get the value they expected for their land? Doubt that as well!@ THey will get something, but not what they might have expected at the time they, themselves decide to sell it.

    PUT IN A STOPLIGHT. THERE and East of there! The cost of the two will be a fraciton of one rotary.

  2. Frank says:

    What a waste of money! I don’t ever remember voting on Round-A-Bouts. It never made the ballot! If the English want them, that’s OK but I don’t want them here.

  3. Xfactor says:

    I would expect an increase in accidents there albeit more of the fender-bender variety. What a waste of money. Who made this decision?

  4. v says:

    we can post here but your say is recorded officially at the meeting noted above… You are being given a chance to record your views and to answer questions…

    See ya there… Spread the word!

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