Kenosha County municipalities eligible for blizzard cost assistance

The state has determined that  Kenosha County has exceeded the threshold needed for public assistance for the Ground Hog Day Blizzard, the county’s Emergency Management Office has announced.

This determination means federal reimbursement could be made available to local governmental bodies — county, municipal, schools, some non-profits.

As a result, FEMA has been asked to conduct a Preliminary Damage Assessment for Public Assistance beginning the week of March 7. This PDA will consist of a paperwork review of costs incurred for a consecutive 48 hour period between  Jan. 31 and Feb. 7. Those costs can only include overtime including benefits, equipment costs, contracted costs and material costs.

Affected parties should review their data, update their figures if necessary, and prepare their documents and/or a detailed invoice for FEMA’s review. Agencies can email or fax a copy of their invoice and any pertinent documents to the Emergency Management office by March 5. Emergency Management will review the information and hold the copies for FEMA, which may speed up the process of their PDA, if they do not need to travel to each location.

If for some reason agencies did not submit cost information earlier, they may still submit an invoice now, as long as they meet the criteria and their costs exceeded $1,000.


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