Emergency management urges extreme caution as Fox rises

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

The National Weather Service  has forecast that the Fox River will rise from its current flood stage of 10.03 Feet (12:15 PM 02/18/11) and will crest at 11.0 Feet by (02/20/11), then begin falling. The Fox River Height/flow is measured at the New Munster River Gauge in Wheatland.

In the Oakwood Shores Subdivision in the Town of Wheatland, water is on some of the streets when the river is at 11.4 feet.

This forecast takes into account past precipitation and precipitation amounts expected approximately 24-hours into the future from the forecast issuance time. Should additional snow melt and precipitation cause the river to rise to 11.46 or above it will impact some homes.

“Residents are urged to take extreme caution and seek alternative shelter if their home is affected by flooding and they are unable to get into their home until the river subsides. When the flood waters get this high, swift currents may be present, which will pose an extreme danger to residents and any First Responders whom may have to assist if an emergency arises. Residents, who choose to remain in flooded areas, do so at their own risk.” stated Lt Ed Van Tine, director, Kenosha County Emergency Management.

Residents needing temporary housing assistance may contact the American Red Cross at 1-800-236-8680.

“We constantly monitor the Fox River and other areas of the County where flooding occurs or might occur. Water can be extremely dangerous; it takes only two feet of water covering a roadway to carry away most automobiles. It is critical that people be aware of their surroundings when water is present and that they do not drive through flooded areas or try and stay in an area and wait out the flood; they may be putting their lives and their loved ones lives in serious jeopardy,” said Lt. Van Tine.


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