Kerkman among legislators targeted by unions over guv’s budget repair proposal

Samantha Kerkman

State Rep. Samantha Kerkman was among the legislators statewide Sunday who found opponents of Gov. Scott Walker’s state budget repair proposal rallying outside their homes. reported that teachers from the Kenosha Unified School District gathered outside Kerkman’s Randall home to voice their opposition to the bill

Kerkman, a Republican, might be expected to support the initiative of newly elected Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Walker’s proposal seeks to — among other provisions  — limit public employees collective bargaining to salary only in an effort to ease the spending burden on local units of government and school districts.

UPDATE Monday — Kerkman said she happened not be home when the rally took place. She was out in the district attending events.


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  1. Dr. Steve Brown says:

    As many of you know, I ran against Mrs. Kerkman in the 2010 State Assembly race. I was the Democratic nominee. And, Mrs. Kerkman soundly defeated me. The people’s voices were heard. And sure, I was disappointed.

    Now, here is my reason for writing this comment relative to this story on West of the I.

    As much as I am opposed to what Governor Walker is doing relative to his goal to “repair the budget” in this manner, and his subsequent goal to destroy our state’s unions, I am very much AGAINST opponents to Governor’s Walker and the State GOP’ s efforts in this matter “picketing” outside the home of Mrs. Kerkman, or any other member of the Wisconsin State Legislature.

    I understand the legal right to be on public property (public streets etc), but I also understand the importance of CIVILITY. Conducting a “rally” outside the home of a State Legislator, in my opinion, crosses the line of civility.

    I DO NOT SUPPORT such actions and would urge opponents to the GOP move to destroy our unions and the rights that we (yes, I am a Union member of WEAC) have as union members to find other means to protest such GOP legislation.

    I have strong disagreements with Mrs. Kerkman’s horrible voting record against deaf and autistic children, and other bad votes. But, I also respect her right to having a safe environment when she and her family are in their home.

    We have seen too many situations where situations might start out to be relatively “civil,” that turn into truly bad events.

    Thank you for this opportunity to respond to this matter.

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