Powers Lakes Water Patrol report for 2010

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Randall town Supervisor Mark Halvey, ¬†gave a report on the activities of the town’s water patrol last boating season.

The patrol logged about 1,000 hours in patrolling the town’s lakes. In that time, they issued 89 citations for a variety of offenses, Halvey said at Thursday’s Town Board meeting.

Halvey singled out one patricular citation for having caught his eye. It was for tubing without wearing a personal floatation device.

In tubing, a float — often circular and similar to an intertube — is pulled behind a motorboard on a rope, similar to water skiing.

Halvey said he felt the citation may have saved the life of the person in violation.

“If you’ve ever seen these things zip around … to think you’d do something like that without some kind of vest,” Halvey said. “I’m glad they were able to catch that person.”


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