Twin Lakes plowing crews working in teams to deal with 5-foot drifts

David Cox, Twin Lakes village administrator, issued the following statement regarding snow removal efforts and safety.

Twin Lakes Public Works Department is actively plowing village streets. Clearing is very difficult due to the large volume of snow and drifts in excess of five feet in some cases. All Department members are on the street working in teams of two including one large plow truck and a loader to facilitate clearing. It will be several hours before all streets are made even passable. Residents should not expect more than one passable lane on the street today. Clearing activities will continue through the next several days.

Despite the clearing of traffic lanes, residents are encouraged to stay at home and not travel unless absolutely necessary. In an emergency, contact the Police Department or Fire/Rescue Department via 911 for assistance.

We thank all residents for their patience as we deal with this historic snowfall.



  1. Amber Polk says:

    I live on belfast road off of automobile in twin lake and I never get plowed….. I am pregnant and scared that if something happens I wont be able to get out… Please plow our road =(

  2. Brian says:

    I live in the village of twin lakes and have yet to see a single plow down in our subdivision either. This story states one large plow and one loader on the case of snow removal???

  3. David Cox says:

    Amber, I am sure you are worried but be assured that if something does happen, you can call 911 and the Police or Rescue Squad will get to you. While I’m not sure where you live, the plows will get to you.

    Twin Lakes has put two more plows on the road and progress continues to be made. It is still slow going but we will get the roads open.

    Thanks to all of the residents with plows that have pitched in!

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