Road report: Still tough going

At 2:41 p.m., I’m just back in from a very short drive to take a look around. I think I was lulled into a false sense of security by living on a main drag. From my street up to Highway 50 was pretty good traveling. But conditions on side roads and county highways were considerably worse. Seemed like only snow plow drivers were out. And really there was no where to go anyway. Every business I saw in Paddock Lake, except Brass Ball Mobil, was closed, many with drifts as high as the top of their doors as of early this afternoon.

Probably best to stay put for the rest of the day for sure if you at all possibly can.

UPDATE — Brandon Myers reports via email: “Want to let everyone know Hwy AH (89th street) is still as of 2:30 pm impassable west of highway 83. Timberlane subdivision, 268th ave -271ave south of 89th street is doing it’s best to plow itself out albeit with no place to go. Anyone know if AH will be plowed soon?”


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  1. Kraig Karson says:

    Crap! I gotta drive right through there tonite after 7PM. Hoping it will improve by then.

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