Wheatland Town Board planning to set fee for Lilly Lake launch use

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The action is not final, but after discussion last Monday, the Wheatland Town Board likely will institute a fee for using the Lilly Lake boat launch, starting this boating season.

The town is in the process of creating an ordinance for the fee, said town Clerk Sheila Siegler.

The exact amount of the fee has not been decided yet. Whatever is chosen needs to be approved by the Department of Natural Resources, Siegler said. The town also intends to have an annual fee option.

DNR regulations require the fees collected be restricted to lake-related expenses for the launch, Siegler explained.

Daily fees will be collected by a box set-up at the site, as is common practice on other area lakes.

Enforcement of the fee will be done by water patrol and the town constable, Siegler said.


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