West of the I Poll Results: More Packers than Bears

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Our West of the I poll from earlier in the week showed a decided tip toward Packer loyalty in the people who responded.

  • 58 percent of the responders identified themselves as Packers fans who feelĀ theĀ Packers will win.
  • 32 percent identified themselves as Bears fans who felt the Bears would win.

In the more wishy-washy responses the results tipped the Packers way too.

  • 8 percent of the voters said they were Bears fans, but felt the Packers would win.
  • Just 3 percent said they were Packers fans, but they felt the Bears would be victorious.

Of course, where else in Wisconsin do you think 32 percent of the responders to a poll like this would confess to being Bears fans? Nowhere!


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