Ice racing statements dominate Salem Chapter 20 hearing

Statements from people — locals and those from out of the area — looking to fend off any effort to curtail motorcycle ice racing dominated the beginning of the Salem public hearing on the proposed Chapter 20 ordinance Wednesday night.

Chapter 20 regulates activities concerning waterways in the town.

Most of those who spoke supported the continuance of motorcycle racing on frozen lakes in the winter.

The town is considering ways to regulate the activity after receiving complaints from some local residents.

Note: I have some video of the ice racing comments, but I am at another meeting yet tonight. I will process and post it as soon as practical. Check back. — DH



  1. Steven Stachura says:


  2. V says:

    Town of Salem has several large lakes.

    One of the problems in the ‘water’ season is that they are pretty hard to access because there isnt enough parking for everyone who wants to use them..
    However, with the long cold spell we have had, ice parking is a possibility.

    Have our ice riders (notice – not ice racers!) considered all the other lakes in Town of Salem? Maybe there should be a TOUR OF THE LAKES since parking isnt a limitor with the thick ice……?

    Camp has been used for at least the last two years but take a look at our other lakes –
    Hooker Lake is a big lake and has two accesses.. One on the north side that VofPaddock Lake controls and one on the west side down the street from the Citgo on 83.

    Another is Montgomery Lake, a small lake, which has two accesses.

    Center Lake is a big enough lake – has a public access.

    Cross Lake is basically a private lake unless you know someone who owns property on the lake and can use their lot for access or if you are a CEPEKs lot owner.

    Voltz is pretty small for any ‘track’ but has a portage-in access.

    Rock is pretty small for any track but has a firelane access on the north side.

    There is also Silver Lake, a big lake, which has access in winter out of the Silver Lake Park off of F
    and a public access off of B.

    The Fox River is in our town but, moving water makes ice very unpredictable and so I dont think would be a safe ‘track’ area.

    This has been a great winter for ice! And it is good to see people using the lakes in the winter time!

    Remember – watch SOUND, take care of the snow BANKS and be very aware of fishermen and skaters!

  3. Steven Stachura says:

    Cener lake Access is for the Center lake woods Subdivision only!Atleast I know it was not long ago.Camp lake Is just one of the best with almost all the fishermen/women-children, on the otherside.Read chapter 20 fully to understand it to it’s fullest Why the riders use Camp lake.Shall you take and go start Iceripping at another location now,Would ”really” be throwing fuel on the fire.Come to an agreement with whom it is complaining now,make he or she Happy.Ride on before it melt’s.”Come Spring-* *-Come Bong”

  4. V says:

    There is a private access for Center Lake Woods Home Owners Association.

    However, there is also a public access to this lake as was illustrated on the maps that were displayed at the meeting.

    Take a look at Center Lake Access 42°32’17.79″N 88° 8’23.46″W apx which is
    south of 94th St and to the east of north AH/Camp Lake Road from Silvler Lake.

    Interesting term ICERIPPING…..

    No fuel. Just information.

  5. strat says:

    Very interesting how we “needed” all the new rules and regulations and ordinance changes, but now that “V” has provided directions and access routes to all the other lakes other than HERS…..does that mean that we don’t need the rules anymore……. as long as people stay off HER lake, slick move Valentine! kinda like watchin a magic trick, a perfect slight of hand manuver

  6. Stone says:

    I never looked at it that way-slick thinking eh!They’ll be putting the breaks on Wilmot Speedway before long.Maybe someone should checkout central Wyoming if they want complete peace.

  7. strat says:

    good idea, but it really should be cleared with the town chairlady first,, she might have vested interest in that area too

  8. BradJakubiak says:

    Below is the State law on motorcycle noise – note (2) in particular – which cancels out any arguments those childish noiselovers could possibly make:
    Wisconsin Statues:

    347.39 Mufflers. (1) No person shall operate on a highway any motor vehicle
    subject to registration unless such motor vehicle is equipped with an adequate
    muffler in constant operation and properly maintained to prevent any excessive
    or unusual noise or annoying smoke. This subsection also applies to motor
    (2) No muffler or exhaust system on any vehicle mentioned in sub. (1) shall be
    equipped with a cutout, bypass or similar device nor shall there be installed in
    the exhaust system of any such vehicle any device to ignite exhaust gases so as
    to produce flame within or without the exhaust system. No person shall modify
    the exhaust system of any such motor vehicle in a manner which will amplify or
    increase the noise emitted by the motor of such vehicle above that emitted by
    the muffler originally installed on the vehicle, and such original muffler shall
    comply with all the requirements of this section.
    (3) In this section, “muffler” means a device consisting of a series of
    chambers of baffle plates or other mechanical design for receiving exhaust gases
    from an internal combustion engine and which is effective in reducing noise.
    History: 1983 a. 243.

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