Sheriff’s Department reorganization announced

Acquiring the responsibility of Emergency Government and a retirement has led to reorganization at the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department.

The changes were announced in a statement released today:

Sheriff David Beth would like to thank Lt. Rich Heyden for nearly 32 years of service to the citizens of Kenosha County. Lt. Heyden retired in late December from his position of Detective Bureau Commander.

Lt. Ed Vantine became the Acting Emergency Management Director on Nov. 10, 2010 with the position officially transferring to the Sheriff’s Dept. on 1-1-11.

Sgt. Marc Levin (20 years at KSD) and Sgt. Gil Benn (23 years) were promoted to Lieutenant as of 1-1-11. Lt. Levin will command the Conveyance Unit and Lt. Benn will assume the 2nd shift Patrol Commander position.

Dep. Justin Miller (7 years) and Dep. Steven Beranis (7 years) have been promoted to the rank of Sergeant effective 1-16-11. Sgt. Miller will assume supervision duties on 3rd shift Patrol. Sgt. Beranis will assume supervision duties on 2nd shift Patrol.

Sheriff David Beth

Other changes are as follows:

  • Lt. Tom Puidokas to 1st shift Patrol Commander from Kenosha County Detention Center.
  • Lt. Shannon Rawson to the Kenosha County Detentions Commander from 1st shift Patrol.
  • Lt. Mark Schlecht to Kenosha County Pre-trial Facility Commander from Conveyance.
  • Lt. Ken Weyker to Detective Bureau Commander from 2nd shift Patrol.
  • Sgt. Bill Beth to Public Information Officer / Community Relations / Civil Process from Training.
  • Sgt. Doug Bourdo to Training from 2nd shift Patrol.
  • Sgt. Mike Weyker from 3rd shift Patrol to 1st shift Patrol.

Sheriff Beth is committed to providing opportunity for cross training within the department, which creates a greater wealth of knowledge and enhanced teamwork among supervisors. It also provides fluid service for the citizens of Kenosha County. Sheriff Beth wishes everyone well in their new position, with confidence in their ability to master the assignment.


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