Synthetic marijuana ban passes in Twin Lakes

Synthetic marijuana

The Twin Lakes Village Board has made a ban on the sale and/or possession of synthetic marijuana within the village official.

The ban on the substance, which had been sold at at least two village businesses, will officially take place after the ordinance is published, which was expected to happen Dec. 26, David Cox, village administrator, said at Monday’s Village Board meeting. The ban was first suggested earlier this month.

The substance is a  mixture of herbs that is treated with a chemical that creates an intense high for 30 to 60 minutes. It is typically smoked.

Paddock Lake also has enacted a ban. Salem, as a town, cannot, but is urging the county to do so. Kenosha has also passed a ban and a statewide ban goes into effect in Illinois as of Jan. 1.

Twin Lakes police Lt. John Andrews said Monday police representatives have notified the businesses in town that were selling the substance of the upcoming ban.


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