Salem to hold special meeting Christmas Eve morning

The Salem Town Board will be holding a special Town Board meeting at 8 a.m., Friday, Christmas Eve.

The posted agenda contains the following three items:

  1. Discussion and possible action to establish a policy or resolution with regard to where supervisors are allowed to engage citizens in Town of Salem public building during regular open hours.
  2. Discussion and possible action to establish a policy or resolution that may allow any supervisor to add items to any agenda.
  3. Discussion and possible action to establish a policy or resolution for calling a special closed session meeting.


  1. The Town Board of Salem is laughable. If they would concentrate on what is in the best interest of the citizens, they wouldn’t have time to act so childish and immature.

  2. valentine says:

    Meeting called and agenda created by Superviser Meier and Supervisor Faber.

  3. Robert says:

    Meeting called and agenda created by Supervisor Meier and Supervisor Faber, BECAUSE MS. VALENTINE REFUSED TO ADDRESS THE MATTERS AT A PREVIOUS MEETING.
    Make sure you get it right.

  4. valentine says:

    Then, let’s be accurate.
    The closed session was created and agreed to by the full town board at the December 13th board meeting.
    Agreement was made at that time that the only item on the closed session agenda was that single item.
    The agenda was released. It was not published or posted at that time.
    The request was made of me in an email to add 2 items.
    The specific details of those two items was not made available at that time and I had already released that agenda since the full board had approved of that meeting.
    The additional items were not urgent, or the urgency would have been conveyed thru the town administrator or the town attorney to me directly.Niether did Supervisor Faber or Supervisor Meier make an attempt to convey any specific emergency.
    There was no sense of urgency or legal requirement to have a special board meeting on Christmas Eve at eight in the morning!Nor the time and effort to make an amended agenda posting for such a meeting.
    In the end,the meeting produced tasks assigned to others for a later delivery to the town board. There was no physical result from THIS meeting other than to disrespect all who were in attendance.

    I note, that you have not yet called me to get just a few facts before you post

  5. Robert says:

    Why would I waste my dime calling you – you will always have a different opinion than mine. Notice, I didn’t say that your opinion was “wrong”, I simply stated that it would be “different”. Quite frankly, as far as disrespect shown – I think you’ve shown your fair share of disrespect to not only employees of the town, but also to the residents of the Town. I have never in all my years of being in Salem, known Board meetings to last as long as they do. You are disrespectful to the residents for making them listen to the arguing, and you are also disrespectful to the employees who have to endure the long meetings.

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