Wheatland buys new squad for constable

Wheatland's current squad car.

The Wheatland Town Board has approved the purchase of a new squad car to be used by the town constable.

The town will pay $14,050 plus trade-in of its current 2007 Dodge Charger squad to Martins Garage, Inc., Union Grove. The town is purchasing a 2011 Dodge Charger Police RWD vehicle. The action was taken at a special Town Board meeting Saturday, Dec. 18.

Constable Bob Haas has said some of the specialized equipment from the current squad will be transferred to the new vehicle.

The board held the special meeting because the prices were not back to the town until the day of the last board meeting, too late for noticing as an agenda item, explained town Clerk Sheila Siegler. Martins would not guarantee that same price after the end of the year and the board has cancelled the second meeting of the month because of Christmas.

The current squad was purchased in 2006 for $22,000 and had about 106,000 miles on it in August, when replacing the vehicle was discussed at a Town Board meeting.


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