Twin Lakes splits $1,500 donation between The Sharing Center and Twin Lakes Food Pantry

The Twin Lakes Village Board reconsidered its earlier action to donate $1,500 to The Sharing Center and decided instead to donate $750 to the Twin Lakes Food Pantry and $750 to The Sharing Center.

The action came after about 20 minutes of discussion, including one speaker during citizens comments.

The board originally made the donation on Nov. 22 after hearing a request by The Sharing Center director Lynn Biese. Then earlier this month, the board discussed pulling back on the donation when it was dicsovered that the money was to be used for administrative expenses.

Monday night, as discussion began, some trustees were still set to pull back the whole contribution.

“If we consider a donation we should consider it for the Twin Lakes Food Pantry,” said Trustee Sharon Bower. “They are the ones who are going to take care of the people in this community.”

But some other trustees seemed less convinced.

“I just don’t think we should be pulling back from something we agreed to …” said Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald “I think we should leave our donation in place.”

Trustee Tom Connolly pointed out that while the Twin Lakes Food Pantry is all volunteer, many other charities, such as the United Way and Salvation Army do have employees and other overhead to meet.

Resident Kenneth Kier spoke before the board’s reconsideration of the issue. He said a statement issued by Biese in the wake of Twin Lakes wavering on the donation denigrated the work of the all-volunteer Twin Lakes Food Pantry.

Melissa Papacek, president of the Twin Lakes Food Pantry, also spoke at the meeting. She emphasized that both organizations are not in competition and that The Sharing Center does offer services that the Twin Lakes pantry does not. She said she doesn’t agree with recent statements by Biese about the work done by the Twin Lakes pantry.

“I found it offensive that what we are doing in this community … is not enough,” Papacek said.

However, when asked point blank, Papacek said she felt the board should make the donation to The Sharing Center.

“I would give the money,” she said.

The suggestion for the compromise split donation came from Trustee Jeremy Knoll. It passed without dissent.

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