Bristol gives $3,000 to The Sharing Center

Bristol approved giving The Sharing Center $3,000 at the Village Board meeting Monday.

That was double what center officials had asked for from the village to help the Western Kenosha County relief agency meet a deficit in administrative costs.

The Sharing Center has been making the rounds of municipal meetings over the last couple of months to request funds to help meet administrative expenses. The center made requests to the municipalities proportionate to the number of clients served by the center that reside in each town or village.

That meant the request for Bristol was $1,500.

But when the board discussed the request Monday, the board decided to double that amount. Trustee Ruth Atwood made the motion.

“They felt it was a very worthwhile endeavor and they wanted to contribute more,” village President Rich Gossling said about the action.

The center has seen a variety of reactions to the requests. Salem approved the $5,000  requested of them, but had to reconfigure the expenditure as a purchase of services rather than a donation so it fell within the board’s authority to act on.

Twin Lakes approved a $1,500 donation last month, but now appears poised to reverse that decision after realizing the money would be used for administration and not buying food and goods.

Wheatland has not acted on its request.


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