Town of Paris advances Paris School $300,000; donates $500 to YES Committee

The Paris Town Board took two actions at its moved monthly meeting Tuesday related to the Paris School District:

  • The town agreed to advance the school district $300,000 interest free so the school can avoid taking out a short-term loan to meet cash flow. The town made a similar loan last year as well. School district administrator Roger Gahart explained that the month of December is a tough one for cash flow for the district. The district has at other times used short-term loans to cover district costs until tax payments are made after the first of the year. The district will repay the town with proceeds from the first tax payments it receives in January or February. The advance was approved unanimously.
  • The town also agreed to donate $500 to the Paris YES Committee, an independent group that markets the school as an open enrollment choice. Beth LaBell, representing the committee, said the money will go toward the group’s efforts to convince people to open enroll to Paris School. The group also raises money from other sources LaBell said, and had a total budget of about $1,500. Paris town attorney Timothy Pruitt said such a donation was proper if in the interest of the town’s residents. Supervisor Ken Monson said he had some reservations about the donation because some town residents are not in the Paris district. He also said he was personally offended by a statement read last month at the Town Board’s meeting by LaBell about her efforts to have the donation request put on the Town Board’s agenda. Nevertheless, the vote on the donation was unanimous.


  1. Robert says:

    It’s very nice that the Town has decided to advance the payment to the school. But, someone should get Mr. Monson a hanky – he was personally offended? How does he think Ms. LaBell felt when she asked the board last month to be on the agenda, and was told no? She was simply letting the people know that she was denied her right to be placed on the agenda. The truth offends you personally???

  2. Xfactor says:

    I also asked what it takes to get on the agenda and got a confused kind of good luck that, if we feel like it response but nothing concrete about the process.
    PLEASE write in candidates since it’s too late to get on the ballot.

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