Did you see a spectacular shooting star last night?

Photo by Friendlystar via Wikimedia Commons under GNU license

Central High School senior Stephanie Blazich and a friend were out last night when they saw something unusual in the sky: In Stephanie’s words:

Driving home from Lake Geneva headed east bound on hwy 50 my friend Julia Sandburg and I saw an insane shooting star about the time we were passing the Mushroom Farm in Wheatland at about 8:20ish give or take some time. It was about the size of a skinning nail head in the sky and it wasn’t like any other shooting star I had seen. It was huge, for the first part, and it moved extremely slow across the length of my windshield. It took a good 7 seconds, if not longer, to disapear from left to right and my friend and I were in awe. We were wondering if anyone else saw it …

Did you see it too? Share in comments.



  1. Chad says:

    At first, I thought it could have been the International Space Station, but upon looking at it’s orbit info, it was visible yesterday morning, not last night.

    Did you know you can see the ISS fly by? It looks like a bright star, moving slowly across the sky like a high-flying aircraft. You can find out the next fly-bys at http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/sightings/cities/view.cgi?country=United_States&region=Wisconsin&city=Trevor

  2. Queens says:

    I saw it! Last night my friends are I were walking and two of us (including myself) saw it while the other was looking down. Myself and my other friend were freaking out when we saw it because it was blue like and it did last for more than a normal shooting star would (I’ve seen many shooting stars before). Was it a shooting star? It was so odd!

  3. Doug says:

    I am in central Washington State and saw what you describe about 5:20 PST. What I saw broke up and flashed out before going behind the horizon. The remarkable feature was the length of time it was visible.

  4. benet says:

    my son and i saw it on the way home from the hospital, where my mom had just passed away. it turns out that one person from every household related to my mom (ie nieces, son in laws, daughters) saw it at the same time…we figured it was her way of saying goodbye.

  5. Terry Foust says:

    I was up with my jack russell at 2am mt. and in 45 min’s We saw 15 shooting stars OH WOW wasthat awesome

  6. Joey says:

    Saw it after breakup glow trail lasted awhile looked like a roman candle rocket mix here in Louisiana

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