Riding bikes may be banned on downtown Twin Lakes sidewalks

Photo by Rodolfo Belloli via stock.xchng

Riding bicycles is banned on downtown sidewalks in an ordinance under consideration by the Twin Lakes Village Board.

The new provision would ban all bike riding on sidewalks where business accesses are located immediately adjacent to the sidewalk.

Village President Howard Skinner said at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting that the need for the change arose this summer when sidewalks along Main Street were extra narrow due to the rebuilding of the street and sidewalks and there were some close class between bike riders and people exiting businesses.

“The thought process is they should get off and walk through downtown if they can’t ride on the street,” said village administrator David Cox.

Skinner said he felt even if the law is implemented there will still be violations, however there may be less.

Also proposed are changes to the ordinance that would prohibit riding bikes and skateboards on specific park amenities, such as the Lance Park amphitheater.

Skateboards are already prohibited on all village sidewalks.

The bans will likely be acted on by the board at the Dec. 20 meeting.


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