Randall School has caller i.d. and is overhauling safety plan

Randall School now has caller i.d. and will be revisiting its emergency plan, district administrator Steven Bloom announced Wednesday.

The move to get caller i.d. on all of the district’s four lines comes in the wake of a recent incident where a death threat against a student was phone in to the school’s attendance message system over a weekend. The call proved difficult to trace because the school did not have any caller identification system.

Bloom said that has changed now.

“That system has been working,” Bloom said. “We’ve been checking it on a daily basis.”

The district has also formed a committee to review the school’s emergency plan, Bloom said. That review is requried by ┬áthe state to be completed by 2013.

However, Bloom said he would like the district to have the plan in place by the end of the school year.

A group of residents attended last month’s meeting to strongly criticize the district’s efforts to handle the situation around the phone-in threat.


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  1. Concerned Parent says:

    I think it’s great that we have addressed the phone issue! However, what about the threats that don’t come through the phone? I had a situation last year with my child and another student on the bus where her life (along with our family’s) was threatened. A week later – the same child threatened another student’s life on the bus. Again – I’m very happy that we have the phone situations completed. But lets stay focused on the issue at hand here – the way Randall School handles safety and the lack of processes to make it better!

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