Bald eagles visit Twin Lakes home

Photo by Diane Lindstrom

Diane M. Lindstrom, who has a home on Lake Elizabeth, had some interesting feathered visitors over the weekend. In her own words:

Imagine my surprise when I looked out my window on Friday and spotted 2 bald eagles in my tree! I live on Lake Elizabeth and was thrilled to watch 2 bald eagles as they watched a flock of birds that were hanging out in open water on the lake. The beautiful, huge birds hung around for about an hour. Sunday, they were back…swooping around again and landing on the ice. The real excitement was when they were back on Monday. This time there were 3 bald eagles standing on the ice and munching on a fish lunch. Such a spectacular sight! I felt as though we were watching the Discovery Channel. The plumage of the adult bird was typical of our national bird — brown with a white head and tail. The plumage of the other two  were typical of immature eagles that are less than 5 years old — brown and speckled with white. The immature eagles were much larger than the mature eagle which could mean that the younger ones were females as the females can be as much as 25 percent larger than the males. It’s just another reason why I love being in Twin Lakes, WI.

Photo by Diane Lindstrom


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  1. Elaine Duchaj says:

    Dianie, My niecie, soon to be a famous and Lake -Renowned photographer! Those pictures are fabulous, and aren’t you fortunate to see so many beautiful birds in one spot! Reminds me of the North Woods, (over the lakes), not in our back yard! Discovery will be at your back door soon!!!! As always, Aunt Laney

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