Synthetic marijuana headed for ban in Twin Lakes

Synthetic marijuana /Wikimedia Commons photo, under GNU license

Synthetic marijuana under assault from states, local municipalities and the federal government, is also being targeted by Twin Lakes as well.

The Twin Lakes Village Board Monday at a Committee of the Whole Meeting considered an ordinance that would ban the sale and possession of the substance within the village.

Police Chief Dale Racer said there are two businesses in the village now that sell the substance. He called it a “designer drug” and described it as a mixture of herbs that is treated with a chemical that creates an intense high for 30 to 60 minutes. It is typically smoked.

Besides the ill effects of using the substance, another concern for Racer is that Illinois has banned the substance statewide beginning Jan. 1.

“If we don’ do something about it, we’ll get flooded,” Racer said.

All board members appeared to be in agreement with the proposed ordinance. It should be on the agenda for final action at the Dec. 20 Village Board meeting.

Some other nearby municipalities are taking similar action. Paddock Lake has passed a similar ordinance. Kenosha is in the midst of considering one as well.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency also is moving to make possessing the substance illegal.


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