Twin Lakes to pull back on The Sharing Center funds

The Twin Lakes Village Board appears poised to cancel $1,500 it voted to give The Sharing Center last month.

Village President Howard Skinner raised the issue at a Committee of the Whole meeting Monday. Only Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald expressed any disagreement with the latest action.

Skinner said he objected to the money being spent to meet administrative expenses for the Western Kenosha County focused relief agency. When voting for sending the money to the center last month, Skinner said he thought the funds would be used for buying food or other material directly given to people in need.

“We were not looking at it in the right light …,” said Skinner, who also noted that he heard from some residents who objected to the village donating tax dollars to the agency.

The move was discussed at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting and will be on the agenda for action Dec. 20.

Skinner said he and Fitzgerald plan to donate $200 each of their personal funds to the Twin Lakes Food Pantry and he invited others to join them. Trustees Thomas Connolly and Jeremy Knoll said they are working on food drives.

Lynn Biese, executive director of The Sharing Center, spoke to the board last month to ask for the funding, which was in proportion to the number of clients served by the center with Twin Lake addresses.

Salem recently approved giving $5,000 to the center after a similar appeal.

Note: Tuesday, The Sharing Center issued a reaction to the proposal that can be read here.


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