Silver Lake Village Board accepts public works employee resignation

The Silver Lake Village Board accepted the resignation of maintenance employee Andy Burns Wednesday3 to 1.

Trustee Sue Gerber voted against the motion. Village President Roger Johnson abstained. Trustees Barbara Ironside and Marlene Engstrom were absent.

During citizens comments, Burns’ wife, Kelly, read a letter to the board about the circumstances behind the resignation. She said that Andy Burns’ treatment by department supervisor Bob Williams was causing Andy Burns panic attacks and other physical and emotional distress.

“I can’t begin to understand why Andy’s immediate supervisor treated him the way he did,” Kelly Burns said.

She also alleged that others have left the village’s employ for similar reasons and she blasted the board for not acting to correct the situation.

Andy Burns and Bob Williams both were present at the meeting, but neither commented on the situation. Burns worked for the village for about 18 months.

Board members were reluctant to comment on the situation citing the need to keep personnel matters confidential. Trustee Chris Willkomm, who chairs the Public Works Committee said there were other circumstances in play, but did not elaborate.

Willkomm requested a Committee of the Whole meeting before the next Village Board meeting to discuss options regarding replacing Burns.



  1. Bart says:

    It’s a shame that the village keeps loosing great workers because of one person. Andy was a great worker and person whom always has a good word to say. I can only hope that the village will do something to correct this situation.

  2. Jim says:

    Being in this area of employment, if a supervisor was treating an employee in such a way, the employee has every right to go to the elected official and inform them of mistreatment. Was it done? Is there a union involved? Why wasn’t the union representative informed, a grievence filed? I don’t think the whole story has been told.

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