Wheatland passes levy with 3 percent increase

The Wheatland Town Board on Monday passed a tax levy for 2011 with a 3 percent increase over 2010.

The total levy for 2011 is $633,604. Some town residents have an additional levy for a lighting district.

During Monday’s budget hearing, there were a few questions from the about 20 members of the public in attendance. One resident asked questions about the retirement and insurance expenditures for town office employees as well as the amount of the office supplies budget for the transfer station. A letter from a resident objecting to some of those same points was read into the record as well. Much of the rest of the discussion at the hearing centered on a fire department request for address identification signs.

Chairman Bill Glembocki acknowledged that the economy is rough, but said he many of the rising costs faced by the village are beyond the control of officials.

“We tried to cut it as tight as we could,” Glembocki said. “I don’t see where we can cut anymore.

The budget passed unanimously on a  voice vote of the electors at the hearing and unanimously by the board in a special meeting just after the hearing.


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