Twin Lakes sends $1,500 to The Sharing Center

The Twin Lakes Village Board agreed to give $1,500 from the current year’s budget to The Sharing Center,.

The board approved the action unanimously at its meeting last Monday.

Lynn Biese, the center’s director, made an appeal for the funds at the meeting. She said the  money was needed to help the organization meet an anticipated shortfall in operating funds for this year.

Biese said she intends to ask all Western Kenosha County municipalities for money before the end of the year. The center is asking for different amounts depending on how many clients come from each area. Twin Lakes was asked for $1,500.

Recently Salem also approved giving $5,000 to the center. Over 50 percent of the center’s clients have Salem addresses.

Trustee Sharon Bower asked if people from Twin Lakes were welcome to use the center’s services. Biese said they were, despite there also being a food pantry in Twin Lakes. Biese also pointed out that the center’s programming goes beyond food assistance.

More information about The Sharing Center is available here.


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