Expert working with Wilmot teachers on making information stick

Jane E. Pollock recently began her first of four visits to Wilmot Union High School for the 2010-11 school year.

Pollock is working with a cohort of teachers on lesson strategies that are designed to “fire the neurons” of students in order to make information stick. Pollock specializes in teaching and supervising learning and she consults with schools worldwide to improve student learning and teaching practices. She is the co-author of Classroom Instruction That Works (2000) and authored Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time (2007) and the companion text Improving Student Learning One Principal at a Time (2009).

She is adjunct faculty for Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, and various universities. She has earned degrees at the University of Colorado and Duke University.

Wilmot plans to have Pollock work with a new cohort of teachers over the course of several years.



  1. valentine says:

    I am sorry, but whose expense is this being offered. At my tax dollars? If these teachers dont already have this ‘initiative, then WHY ARE THEY IN the employ of the school? Arent these continuiing education efforts that teachers should be doing on their OWN initiative. Please, someone, tell me that I am not paying for the continuining education of someone hired to teach and who supposedly already has the education, experience and abilities to actually teach the students.
    December’s tax bills for the schools are going to be so interesting. By then, this story will have fallen by the wayside and the almighty tax dollar will be at the forefront. Then, the complaints about what is being spent will be voiced.

    Yes, the concept of this is a nice thought. But, I dont believe it should be on my $buck.

  2. paladin says:

    Just the kind of short-sighted thinking of many of the long-time residents of western Kenosha county. You should be thankful for the quality schools you have out here at a limited expense to you. Trust me, your children are getting much better educations than they are east of the “I”.

    Sorry, education is expensive, but lack of it is even more so. Kids today are competing in a global market and most parents and community members have no clue about how today’s kids will not have lives as good as their parents did. We need to give our kids every opportunity to excel, and this means helping teachers with the best tools for their tool box. Teachers do pay for their own development, as they are required to take at least six college credits every five years to renew their license, and that money comes out of their own pockets. This article is about district staff development and it’s part of the school year’s budget. Wilmot wisely chose to have a nationally recognized presenter come in to really help further develop its staff, kudos to them.

    Doctors and nurses have continuous development opportunities all paid for by your insurance dollars and drug company fees that make your medicines more expensive than they need to be. You want to be sure you’re getting the proper treatment when you go to the doctor, right? It’s the same thing with education. Things change both in medicine and education so it’s necessary to keep people current and relevant. Wilmot is lucky to have this, other districts rely on less productive methods and teachers get little to nothing out of it.

    Consider this a business investment in the children of the district and stop counting pennies, because that’s pound foolish. If these kids today don’t get good jobs then who’s going to pay your Social Security? Then you’ll have another tax-related issue to complain about. There are three things you can count on; death, taxes, and short-sighted people who complain about the cost of education.

    (on a side note, this blog helps by correcting the words you spell incorrectly with the little red squiggles underneath them, please make yourself appear more intelligent by using this feature before you submit and make yourself look as uneducated as you seem by your post–sorry for the attack but I can’t stand people who demean the education field just because they feel it costs too much in taxes)

  3. valentine says:

    i can choose form year to year where my insurance dollars can be applied.
    my taxing body school dollars cant.
    short sighted or not, the fact is that we already pay for supposed qualified teachers, or, do we…?

    There are a batch of wilmot board members being considered for election.
    Time for board members to educate students and not educate teachers.
    It is unfortunate that teachers dont continue their own education, on their own time at their own expense just like private sector management types and professionals.

    The key here is TAXING BODY and how tax dollars are being used. YOu are correct in assuming that I dont believe that education should be AT ALL COSTS. There should be some accountability. with school taxes nearing a 58-60% of the taxes being collected this year, i think that AT ALL COSTS will come under some fire.

    your side note with it’s marginal issue of instruction is of no value to me or anyone else for that matter and has no relationship to this article. however, it might have made you feel better???? did it? Sorry, taxes will be very high. Get ready for the mail delivery.

  4. Chris Skrzynecki says:

    Can someone from the Wilmot School Board please tell us how much this cost? How many teachers attended? How many teachers did not? How many students are there at Wilmot High? We’ll do the math.

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