Central to open new entrance/exit again this Monday

The Central High School entrance/exit onto Highway 83 as it looked earlier in November.

Bad weather got in the way of the new Central High school entrance/exit onto Highway 83 staying open last week.

The school did open the new drive on Monday, with it seeing limited use by drivers. Then severe weather that afternoon set back We Energies ability to complete installation of street lights at the intersection and the road was closed for the balance of the week.

But the utility did make it out to the school Wednesday after all to complete the work and the entrance/exit is expected to be open again when classes resume Monday, said district administrator Scott Pierce.

The entrance/exit is one of the last parts of a multi-million dollar facilities project funded by a referendum that passed in early 2009.

Here’s information on how the school would like to see traffic flow with the intersection open.


One Comment

  1. Scott says:

    I find this whole project a big waste of tax payer money. There was no need for this the football field or the tennis courts. We are a small community with VERY limited funds. They (the school board) spends money like we live in a wealthy community.

    I hope no more wasteful projects like this go thru in the future.

    Yes, I have kids and I did vote against this..

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