Twin Lakes to stay in Community Library

A move to have Twin Lakes withdraw from the multi-municipality Community Library to start its own village library was tabled Monday.

That move came after the board put forward a proposed amendment to the agreement that governs the library. That provision would have expenses and revenues tracked on a per branch basis, including a proper proration of joint revenues and expenses.

While the agreement would have to be approved by the governing boards of each municipality, some officials present at the meeting form other municipalities said they approved of the amendment. Those included Randall Chairman Bob Stoll and Library Board President Ken Mangold, a Randall resident.

Twin Lakes Village Board members urged Mangold to bring the member municipalities together to approve the amendment before Dec. 31.

The Twin Lakes Village Board was considering withdrawing from the Community Library at the suggestion of its representatives on the Community Library Board — Michael Mahoney and Sharon Bower, who also is a village trustee.

Mahoney and Bower made the case that the village has been neglected by the Community Library and that the village could run a better program by separating and using the funds now sent to the Community Library to operate a village library.


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