Paris hires new town attorney

The Paris Town Board has hired a new town attorney.

Timothy Pruitt will be the lead attorney for the town from the firm of Hostak, Henzl & Bichler, based in Racine, town Chairman Virgil Gentz said.

The moves comes in the wake of the recent resignation of John Knuteson, the town’s former attorney.

Speaking at a Town Board meeting Tuesday, Gentz did not elaborate on any reason for Knuteson’s resignation.

“I do want to thank John for the time he put in for at least five years,” Gentz said.

Pruitt also serves as the town attorney for Yorkville in Racine County.

“He (Pruitt) happens to be a gentleman I have known for a number of years,” Gentz said, though adding he had never worked directly with him. “I’m happy to have him sitting here.”

Here is Knuteson’s resignation letter as supplied by the town clerk.



  1. Alice says:


  2. Xfactor says:

    Yes. Atty Knutsen almost never had an answer on the spot and seemed completely unprepared and disinterested in the job. I’m sure he cashed the checks though.

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