Sen. Wirch calls for renting out of governor’s mansion

State Sen. Bob Wirch

Looking for some new digs in the Madision area?

State Sen. Bob Wirch is recommending in a press release issued today the state sell or lease the Governor’s Mansion in order to save tax dollars and to reduce the structural deficit.

“The Governor’s Mansion is a significant expense for Wisconsin taxpayers,” said Wirch, a Democrat whose district includes most of Western Kenosha County. “Over the course of one four-year term, it costs taxpayers more than $1 million simply to operate.”

The Governor’s Mansion is on 3.7 acres of land situated along the Lake Mendota shoreline in the Village of Maple Bluff. The value of the Mansion alone is $1.5 million. The combined Mansion and land value is believed to exceed $2.5 million. Operating costs for the Mansion are $265,000 annually – including a 4.5 member staff.

While property tax exempt, it is estimated that if taxes were paid on the property the amount collected would be approximately $31,915 based on 2009 mill rates.

“When I go to my office in Madison, most days I pack my lunch in a cooler,” Wirch said. “I’ve been a brown bag guy since the days I worked on a factory floor. People want to see their state government provide basic services and cut the waste and frills. Selling or leasing the Governor’s Mansion will demonstrate to the people of the state that we are listening to them and responding.”

Wirch made the same suggestion when Jim Doyle took office eight years ago. Doyle, a Democrat, did not run for re-election this November. Scott Walker, a Republican will be seated as governor in January.


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