A word about our sponsors: Reliable gives a lift to boiler installation

If you saw a crane high over Paddock Lake Thursday afternoon you probably didn’t figure it was a boiler installation at a home.

But the unique circumstances of this installation caused the crew at Reliable Heating & Air Conditioning to call in some unusual equipment.

Rick Sheehan of Reliable explained that the two-story home had its boiler installed on the second floor. The only way up to the second floor inside was a spiral staircase.

“To carry a couple of hundred pounds up that stairway would not be safe or even possible,” Sheehan said.

The Reliable staff put their heads together and came up with the solution of taking the old boiler out and putting the new one in through a balcony from the second floor.

But how to get the new boiler up there? An industrial forklift was one possibility, but that likely would have caused some damage to the yard. Then Sheehan thought of the people at Burmeister Excavating out of Burlington and using their crane.

Sheehan admits the crane might have seemed like overkill to some people, but it actually was the right tool for the job.

“We did get some strange looks,” Sheehan said.

Reliable got the old boiler out, the new one installed and the heat working in the home again all in one day, Sheehan said.

If you’d like to get this kind of creative thinking and dedication on your heating or air conditioning job, call Reliable at 843-2865.


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