Twin Lakes’ Main Street fully open to traffic again

East Main Street in Twin Lakes is again fully open to traffic.

The last barricades and stop signs were removed Thursday by 6 p.m..

From a village press release:

The temporary stop signs on South Lake Avenue at Basset Street have been removed and normal traffic patterns are returned.  The Village and area businesses thank the community for its patience and continued patronage during this five-month long process and welcome back those that may have stayed away.

Customers and visitors to the downtown are reminded that ample parking is available on Main Street as well as in the municipal lots east of Lake Avenue and between Main Street and Basset Street.  The Main Street lot is access from Basset Street.  Further, drivers are again reminded that the four way stop where Main Street, Lance Drive, and Pawley Avenue meet at the west end of the downtown will remain.  The Village Board implemented that as a permanent four way stop intersection to address various traffic and pedestrian issues in that location.

Construction on the Main Street Reconstruction Project began on Monday, June 14, 2010.  The project involved nearly complete rehabilitation of the Right of Way area from sidewalk to sidewalk. The underground work included installation of new storm sewers, sections of new sanitary sewer and installation of water pipes for an eventual fire suppression water system. At the surface, the work included replacement of the sidewalks and the street as well as installation of new street trees, street lights and other landscape and streetscape improvements.

The Village began working on plans to rehabilitate Main Street and parts of North and South Lake Avenue in the downtown area in conjunction with a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District established in 2008. The project was initially shelved due to insufficient revenue projected in the TIF District. In 2009, the Village received two grants through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) in the total amount of $1 million to assist in funding the work on the block of Main Street between the North/South Lake Avenue and Burden Avenue intersections. The intersections were also rebuilt in the project.”


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