Wilmot High School Veterans Day Assembly coverage

Wilmot High School held it’s annual Veterans Day Assembly today.

The event starts with a breakfast for veterans and their family members. That is followed by an assembly that features inspirational readings, student musical performances, a keynote speaker and the introduction of all veterans in attendance.

This year’s keynote speaker was Mark Robbins, a retired Navy Seal who related a harrowing story of how he was injured in battle in Iraq. Robbins also had some inspiring things to say about doing your duty to this country, even if you do feel a calling to military service. (Note: A video of Robbins remarks was deleted at his request. — DH)

Here is some video of highlights from the rest of the ceremony:


Here’s a link to a gallery of photos supplied by the school.



  1. Wilmot Res says:

    The program on Thursday was excellent! The chorus and band, as well as orchestra did a wonderful job. But most impressive was the exceptional behavior of 1200 students. They not only showed tremendous respect for the military members present, but also respect for their peers, their teachers and themselves.

    Good Job Wilmot!!!

    Thank you veterans, active duty military, reservists and all the families!

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