Units responding to crash on Highway 45, Bristol

The crash scene in a photo submitted by Lori Mauser.

At 9:33 a.m., Bristol Fire and Rescue and sheriff’s deputies are responding to a report of a crash with injuries in the 12200 block of Highway 45, Bristol.

Deputies at scene report that one vehicle is upside down, with the driver conscious and breathing, though they may be trapped. The other vehicle is on its side and the driver may not be conscious, but appears to be breathing and may also be trapped.

Traffic is being shut down on Highway 45 at Highways V and CJ. Flight for Life medical helicopter transport has been put on stand-by.

UPDATE — Two Flight for Life helicopters will be responding.

UPDATE 9:47 a.m. — One helicopter being canceled. Estimated arrival time is seven minutes for other helicopter. Fire personnel report freeing person from car will be lengthy.

UPDATE 9:57 a.m. — Bristol Rescue transporting patient to helicopter landing zone.

UPDATE 10:01 a.m. — Bristol rescue arriving at landing zone and Flight for Life landing as well.

UPDATE 3:07 p.m. — Sheriff’s Department is reporting one person was dead at the scene.

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  1. Bristol Resident says:

    ANOTHER example of why the speed limit NEEDS to be reduced here along HWY 45!! A few years ago when I contacted the state they said there weren’t “Enough fatalities” to warrent a speed reduction on this stretch of road. My reply to them was “How many “Dead People” did it take in order to reduce the speed limit”? They said the “Avereage” speed linit was only +-1 mph over the speed limit!! What a joke!! Not funny!! Not with all the people that have been hurt/killed here over the years. I’ve lived here in along HWY 45 for 20 years and have seen families killed. Hopefully one day it won’t be one of mine. Maybe a reduction in the speed limit is what needs to be addressed in the upcoming Highway 45 Project!!

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