Randall School Board to seek better telephone call identification

The Randall School Board pledged to get a way to identify the origins of telephone calls to the school in the wake of an incident involving a death threat naming a student that was called into the school attendance line last month.

The issue was addressed Wednesday because the parents of the student who was threatened made a passionate plea for more action during citizens comments at Wednesday’s board meeting.

The father of the threatened child said the school has not communicated well with him and his wife about the progress of the investigation into the incident.

He also charged that his wife, a school employee, was chastised by Principal Travis Lawrence for spreading false rumors about the school’s response. Lawrence later apologized.

About 15 other residents appeared to be in attendance to support the couple. They peppered school officials with questions about the situation and challenged some of their explanations.

School officials said their efforts to find out who made the call were frustrated by the school’s phone system. A subpoena of phone records prepared by the Twin Lakes Police Department also was unsuccessful in producing the number from which the threat was made, they said.

Consequently, officials said they will be pursuing getting a system that will identify calls.

“We don’t have that feature at the present time,” said district administrator Steve Bloom.

President Bill Jones said the matter will be on the board’s agenda next month and he pledged better communication with the parents and community in the future.



  1. Jan Brockway says:

    As one of the parents in the crowd at last night’s meetings it seems like there were two different meetings…..the one that actually happened and the one reported on. It’s funny how people view things so differently. Many parents came in support of the parents of the child that was threatened. Mr. Lawrence was actually made out a little to look like the bad guy here but many people were referring alot of questions to Dr. Bloom. Many questions went unanswered and the board says it is working on some solutions and I believe they are but it might be alittle to late for the damage that has already been done.

  2. Randall Resident and parent says:

    This crap must stop! ANSWER THE DAMN questions! There are SEVERAL residents completely unhappy with the randall superintendant and the handling of the politics at this school. These are My tax dollars and other residents! I cannot believe that the polls are accurate! smell rats! You know things are really wrong when a Certain person in autority sides more with the evil in fear of being “SUED” than with the person on the good end who is just fighting for their right!!! WAKE UP CALL!!! We can SUE too! Only difference is that, that is a dirty way to go about things to get what you want and us good people choose to take the high road. That doesn’t mean we can’t say “enough is enough” fix this or it’s go TIME! Start listening and answering! I’m Just SAYING!~

  3. Erin Grobarchik says:

    Okay… Let me get this straight…. so…..a CHILD’s life is basically threatened into the school and there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO??????? ARE U FREAKING KIDDING ME??? funny how when bomb threats are called in to a school or company… they know within hours where the threat came from. If the school took the proper measures, this would have been a done deal! As a parent this is SERIOUS! Hey Bloom, HEY Iselin, Hey Jones… if the DEATH threat was made to you what would YOU DO????? GET ON it and stop the EXCUSES! REALLY? YOU’RE all afraid of the wrong people!

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