Central High School entrance/exit on Highway 83 set to open Nov. 22

The nearing completion Central High School entrance/exit onto Highway 83 on Wednesday afternoon.

The Central High School entrance/exit off Highway 83 is scheduled to open on Monday, Nov. 22.

School administration is asking asks parents and students to please observe the following information:

  • Please keep in mind that we ask parent and student traffic to avoid mixing in with our bus traffic. The main front entrance of the building before and after school is reserved  for bus traffic only.
  • Parent Drop Off and Pick Up – In an effort to alleviate the congestion of traffic in the morning and after school to drop off and pick up students, we ask parents to please use the west end (by art and science classrooms) of the high school for drop offs and pickups (see map below). The main west entrance will be unlocked to accommodate student drop off and pick up at the beginning and end of the day.
  • Student Parking Lot – Students who drive to school will be asked to avoid the front entrance to the high school. With access to the student lot from both the existing main entrance and our new south entrance off Highway 83, there will be plenty of opportunity to access the student lots without having to drive through the parking lot in front of the high school.
  • Event Parking – We are asking those attending events at the high school to not park on the new road. It is posted as no parking on both sides. There is adequate parking in all lots for those attending events both inside the high school and at our new athletic complex.
  • Please Note: The new entrance to our high school is on a very busy highway. The speed zone on Highway 83 during school hours is posted at 20 miles per hour. Other times, the speed limit on Highway 83 is 35 miles per hour. Although the intersection will be well illuminated for oncoming traffic, this is a busy and dangerous intersection. Parent and student drivers are strongly encouraged to look twice and look again in both directions before entering into traffic on Highway 83.

The entrance/exit is one of the last parts of a multi-million dollar facilities project funded by a referendum that passed in early 2009.



  1. valentine says:

    And thanks to the efforts of a very few people, (but much to the chagrin of another batch of folks who felt it was a DONE DEAL and could not be modified to a regular intersection), the taxpayers of this school district did not have another ‘million’ added to their tax burden with the installation of a roundabout!

    I think that these taxpayers would much rather have the funds added to TRUE EDUCATIONAL EFFORTS!

    People should know what I think of roundabouts. I dont hide it. I have concerns about costs, impact on the neighborhoods, inpact on the people who have the unfortunate luck of owning land contiguous to a possible roundabout and the largess of the property required to install a roundabout – impermeable surfaces included. I have very large concerns that WiDOT sees intersections as roundabouts. I have been told that the 45/Hwy C roundabout is no longer being considered. I will await the documentation – and the public hearing plan…

  2. Bristol Resident says:

    I don’t hide what I think about Roundabouts either. I think they are great! They have them in Europe in much busier area’s than anywhere around here and they work well. I am all for it at the HWY 45 and C intersection. Much better drivers approching a Roundabout than an intersection. As far as cost’s a life is far worth more than a dollar any day. Just my POV. Point of View. As far as what I’ve heard, the Roundabout is still very much alive. But that was just of yesterday………..what do I know….

  3. valentine says:

    The cost of the roundabouts should not be out of EDUCATION.
    Take the money from the Transportation fund for the state and if there are not enough funds, then don’t build them.

    Regarding accidents and loss of life… it is seldom that there is an “accident” that is not humanly created. Let’s spend some money on correcting the issues that are often involved with those collisions. You kno, like DUI and texting and cell phoning and not paying attention to the road.

  4. Aceman says:

    Roundabout @ 45/C?
    It is my understanding that 45 is 1 of the few highways that are set for oversized truck routes…Wonder what those truckers would do with 1 of these?
    As for “better drivers” approaching roundabouts…take a look @ the 1 by Sam’s Club in Kenosha and enjoy the confusion.
    Simply a bad idea floated out there, maybe they just should set the speed limit to 45 MPH as you approach the intersection from all 4 ways.

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