Government officials discuss their careers at Wilmot HS program

Wilmot High School recently hosted a program for students where government officials talked about public service as a career choice.

Perhaps the most inspiring pitch for a career in government came from state Sen. Robert Wirch:

County Clerk Mary Schuch-Kreb’s unconventional path to elected office — she worked as a janitor for the county before being elected — served as a platform for a message about determination:

County Supervisor Kim Breunig gave a pitch for the county’s Youth in Governance program, which gives high school students a chance to participate in county government:

Circuit Court Judge Chad Kerkman gave some advice on law school, a necessary step along the way for those wishing to become a judge:

State Rep. Samantha Kerkman related how a chance meeting in a post office lead to her getting her first government job:

Sandra Brietzman, Wisconsin State Department of Workforce Development, Sgt. Scott Cook, representing the U.S. military, and Frank Pacetti, Kenosha city administrator, also participated on the panel.

The program was organized by Allen Reynolds, a counselor at the school.


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