Twin Lakes Main Street may be open for parking Tuesday, but will wait for traffic

This crosswalk on Twin Lakes Main Street needs to be reinstalled before the street can be finished and opened to traffic.

People doing business with downtown merchants may be able to park on Main Street as early as Tuesday afternoon.

But through traffic will have to wait until the mid-block crosswalk is torn out and reinstalled due to flaws.

The announcement was made by village President Howard Skinner Monday night at the tail end of a Village Board meeting.

After the crosswalk was completed, it was discovered that it was marred with deflections or indentations, said village administrator David Cox. Repairing those flaws will mean the section will have to be taken out and re-poured.

The deflections are problematic because they could collect water or ice, Cox explained.

The crosswalk work is scheduled to begin Wednesday. It will involve keeping the concrete protected with tents and heat, Skinner said. The village may place some barricades to protect anything happening to the crosswalk during its crucial initial curing time.

If all goes as planned, the street will be ready for through traffic Monday, Nov. 8, Skinner said. In the meantime, the temporary road that has been in place since the summer will continue to serve through traffic.

“I know there’s nothing but questions out there,” Skinner said. “I know every face that meets me at the shop asks” about the street.

The village began working on plans to rehabilitate Main Street and parts of North and South Lake Avenue in the downtown area in conjunction with a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District established in 2008. The project was initially shelved due to insufficient revenue projected in the TIF District. In 2009, the village received two grants through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) in the total amount of $1 million to assist in funding the first of that work on the block of Main Street between the North/South Lake Avenue and Burden Avenue intersections.

The project involved nearly complete rehabilitation of the right of way area from sidewalk to sidewalk.


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