Link to Go Green website to wait in Bristol

The Bristol Village Board had an extensive discussion at its last board meeting about a proposal from Trustee Carolyn Owens for linking to a Go Green website from the village’s website.

Owens said the goal of the linked to site would be to plainly explain how residents could implement energy conserving techniques. The site would be created by Central High School students, but has not yet been created.

“There are a lot of people interested in this information, but they’re intimidated,” Owens said.

The proposal met with some resistance from other board members. Some were concerned about the appearnce of the village endorsing the content at the site. Others wanted to see the site before deciding if the link was appropriate.

Owens defended her suggestion, saying it would be no more inappropriate than some other links to private enterprises already on the village’s website.

Ultimately, the proposal was tabled until Owens could bring supply more specifics about what the Go Green site would contain.


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