Randall to do late road repair, but wait on street sweeping

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The Randall Town Board is going to pursue one initiative from the Public Works Committee, but defer another.

Getting the green light from the Town Board was surfacing of 92nd Street and 88th Place

Deferred until a later date — probably next spring — was street sweeping of Nippersink curbs.

Supervisor Mike Halvorson presented both items to the board.

The street surfacing was discussed extensively. Board members were concerned that the estimated $6,700 for the work, to be done by the county, could leave the road fund short this year if a lot of snow plowing will be needed yet this year.

The town’s engineer, Ken Ward, said at best, the work could be put off until this spring. However not making repairs this winter could risk tearing up the roads further during snow plowing.

“We will spend this money now or next year,” Ward said.

Everyone seemed to agree that 92nd Street was in very bad shape. But several people at the meeting also observed that the road is only traveled by a few residents.

In the end, the board decided to grant the surfacing work to the county for an estimated $6,700.

“If it lasts a couple of years, then it’s money that needs to be spent,” said Chairman Bob Stoll.

Supervisor Rose Nolan voted against the motion. Supervisor Bob Gehring and then Stoll and Halvorson offered to defer their pay from the town if the repair put the town road fund in the red.

Less discussion and faster action took place regarding the curb sweeping. Halvorson said the 12-year old curbed streets in the Nippersink area desperately need sweeping to clear them of accumulated debris. The curbs have never been swept, he said.

The town could hire out Twin Lakes’ street sweeper and an operator for $125 per hour. Randy Kaskin, a member of the Public Works Committee who has operated a street sweeper for the county, estimated the Nippersink job would take a full day to complete.

During discussion, a consensus of board members developed to defer the sweeping and the board took no action on the proposal.


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