Temporary stop signs on Main and Lance at Pauley may become permanent

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Twin Lakes installed temporary stop signs on Main Street and Lance Drive at Pauley Avenue this summer due to the Main Street construction project.

But with a few months of experience to draw from and the suggestion from some residents, the Village Board appears ready to make the temporary signs at the intersection permanent.

The board discussed the possibility at the Committee of the Whole meeting Monday night, but did not act.

Village President Howard Skinner said he thinks people are now used to the stop signs on eastbound Lance Drive and westbound Main Street. Stop signs on Pauley at Lance/Main and eastbound Main are already permanent.

“One more stop is not a big deal,” Skinner. He further suggested the possible use of flashing signs at the intersection to increase their visibility.

However, Trustee Aaron Karow asked that regular signs be tried first before taking the step of going to the flashing models.

The board would need to take a formal vote at a future meeting to make the stop sign locations permanent.


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