Joseph Riesselmann back on Paddock Lake Village Board

Joseph Riesselmann

The Paddock Lake Village Board approved the appointment of former Trustee and village President Joseph Riesselmann to fill the vacancy on the board caused by the recent resignation of Howard Schlichting.

Riesselmann, who was not re-elected to the board in April, was appointed by village President Marlene Goodson and confirmed by the board 6-0 at a special board meeting Monday evening.

Riesselmann explained at the meeting that he asked for two conditions, which Goodson granted. One, if he were to become chairman of the Public Works Committee, he asked that Goodson remove her name as a member of the committee to avoid quorum problems. Second, he asked that Trustee Terry Burns be named to the committee.

“She graciously agreed to do that,” Riesselmann said of Goodson.

Goodson said any changes in committees will not be made formally until the next regular Village Board meeting.

Board members that spoke on  the move were enthusiastic about Riesselmann’s return.

“We really need a member on the board and you have the experience,” Trustee Barbara Brenner said of Riesselmann. “It’s a fit.”

The appointment process was considerably smoother than when there last was a vacancy. That was in 2009 when Goodson, then a trustee, won the village president seat. Board members and Goodson deadlocked over an appointment and the position was left vacant until April 2010, when it was filled by election.

In the April 2010 election, Matt Nolan finished ahead of Riesselmann, but behind those who ultimately won seats. But Riesselmann said he spoke with Nolan, who was not interested in an appointment to the board because a large development he is proposing for land he owns in the village is now moving forward and would present a conflict of interest if he were on the board.

Riesselmann’s current term will end in April 2012 election, said village Clerk Emily Uhlenhake said.


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  1. Terry Point says:

    Last year when Ms. Goodson excercised her right as president to make an appointment to fulfill a vacancy on the board, the board went crazy. They insisted on newspaper ads to be taken out and interviews be conducted to see who else would be interested in the position instead of the person she brought up for the appointment. They even went so far as to want an ordinance change. They said it was only fair to include all citizens who might be interested in the position. This year,however, Ms. Goodson again execercised her right as president to make an appointment to fulfill another vacancy on the board and the board embraced her appointment. I believe Mr. Riesselman is very qualified for the position as he has served on the board for many years and is a great asset. My problem is the hypocrisy of the board on not insisting on the same process of news ads and interviews as last year. Are they saying that this year there may not be another citizen who might have been interested? It is also interesting that Mr. Riesselman would ask for concessions before he would even fill the position. This board would have gone nuts if anyone else would have asked for concessions. This board seems to run hot and cold. When an appointment is made that suits them, no questions. When an appointment doesn’t suit them, we raise all kinds of hell.

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