Paris clerk referendum nullified by improperly noticed meeting

A vote by the Paris Town Board to hold a referendum on whether to convert the town clerk/treasurer post from elected to appointed was nullified because the meeting at which the action took place was improperly noticed.

The legal notice for the meeting specified the meeting as a town meeting, but officials intended it to be noticed as a Town Board meeting.

At town meetings, all electors in the town are eligible to vote. Only Town Board members vote at Town Board meetings.

The meeting was held on Sept. 13 and only the board voted to put the question regarding the town/clerk position on the Nov. 2 ballot.

Town Chairman Virgil Gentz announced the problem at the beginning of Tuesday night’s regular Town Board meeting. He did not specify how the error came to light, but did confirm that the time frame for taking action again and being able to get the measure on the Nov. 2 ballot has passed.

“I as a Town Board member apologize to the town,” Gentz said.

Said Supervisor Ron Kammerzelt:

I’m not happy about it. I’m pretty upset about it.”

Since the post will need to be elected in April, the error effectively delays further action for two years.


One Comment

  1. Xfactor says:

    Another complete failure by the town board and specifically Mr. Knuetson

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